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Explore. Exchange. Experience. Bring the world home.


In our research and development activities we have a close coorporation with practice. Thats how we know the issues and challenges that effect the professions and how we share our knowledge.


Our research

As a regional centre for knowledge and innovation in the professions, University College South Denmark offers a broad programme of Continuing Professional Education and has a large department for Applied Research and Development. 

University College South Denmark has peak competences in such areas as Distance Education, minority Education, E-learning, Evaluation, Health Promotion, Organization and Leadership, Special Needs Education and Social Work.  

Drawing on all our expertise, we provide consultative services to pre-school institutions, schools and social institutions, as well as to municipalities and the private sector.


Research in the Danish Welfare System

Every day thousands of people make sure that the Danish welfare system runs effectively. Our children can go to school and be looked after in day care centers. Pregnants can get advice and help during birth. Persons in need can get help to get back on the right track and we can be treated at hospitals. Research that matters in everyday life.

At University College South Denmark, we investigate questions and challenges that teachers, educators, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers experience in everyday life. We dive into the questions and research fields that can improve the welfare community's institutions. Both for the employees. For society. And for all of us who use welfare benefits.

At the same time, we qualify our professional education and continuing education with research-based knowledge. In this way, we develop both the professions and educate more skilled students.


Research in Collaboration with Practice

University College South Denmark has a close cooperation with institutions, regions, hospitals, municipalities, schools and kindergartens. We regard this cooperation as a strong platform for research and development activities in the professions.

This ensures that we know the issues and challenges that effect the professions. And it ensures that we can share the knowledge we build in relevant contexts. Very often research is conducted as action research in collaboration with various institutions or organizations.